Underground Snax opens on Quinpool Road in Halifax

Excerpt from the Coast by- Seyitan Moritiwon

Evan Humber was laying on his couch one night in 2019 when the idea of selling rare and exotic snacks popped into his head. “That night, as I created the Instagram account, I started getting some traction,” he says.

“Humber placed an order for Fruity Pebbles, Cotton Candy Captain Crunch, Sour Patch Kids cereal, and Pepsi blue. In no time, they were sold out.By June the same year, he officially launched UnderGround Snax and hasn’t stopped growing his “snack stash” since.”


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More Photos From Opening Day

NFLD Location – Betting on niche tastes and nostalgia, Underground Snax opens shop in St. John’s

Underground Snax Facebook page

Underground Snax Instagram page


Underground Snax Halifax grand opening day

Underground Snax Unboxing

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