HMS Fantome – Lower Prospect, Nova Scotia

Lower Prospect Nova Scotia is a beautiful spot. It also happens to be an area that has seen a lot of maritime tragedy over the years. One of these tragedies was the sinking of HMS Fantome in 1814 after it ran aground. The ship had been stolen from the French by the British just two years prior to its sinking.

HMS Fantome memorial in Lower Prospect.

Article from Wikipedia

HMS Fantome was an 18-gun brig-sloop of the Royal Navy. She was originally a French privateer brig named Fantôme, which the British captured in 1810 and commissioned into British service. Fantome saw extensive action in the War of 1812 until she was lost in a shipwreck at Prospect, Nova Scotia, near Halifax in 1814″.

Maritime Museum Of The Atlantic

Just ten years ago now there was a flurry of press coverage about the British warship HMS Fantome, because a Cape Breton treasure hunting company had received a permit to explore the brig’s wreck site at Prospect, Nova Scotia.

High Head Trail – HMS Fantome

NS Gov Fact Sheet on HMS Fantome

Photo credit: NS Archives

11 Ships were lost in the Prospect East Dover areas between 1868 and 1921

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