Portapique – The turning tides of Justice

A post for keeping track of the shifting narrative in Canadian and Nova Scotia corporate news media regarding the NS Massacre.

Holes in the RCMP’s Nova Scotia narrative are a bigger story than leaked 911 calls

“By all means, let’s have a conversation about journalistic standards and a conversation about the leaking of sensitive materials such as this. But let’s not lose sight of the bigger story here: the RCMP has not been forthcoming”


Onslow Firehall.

RCMP’s silence about Nova Scotia shooting spree could be to blame for recent leaks: ex-cop

“The RCMP’s near-blanket refusal to provide information about its investigation into the shooting spree that terrorized Nova Scotians in April of last year may be to blame for a series of leaks to a Halifax magazine, policing experts told Global News”.


Media law experts say decision to publish 911 calls not a matter for investigation

“Iain MacKinnon, a Toronto-based lawyer and president of the Canadian Media Lawyers Association, said it is not the role of the RCMP to be looking into the leak, particularly given that it casts doubt on their own actions”.


Leaked 911 calls from N.S. mass shooting show early reports that gunman had a Mountie cruiser. RCMP vow they’ll investigate the leak

“But all three callers to 911 on the night told police that the gunman was driving a police car. And the third caller later told the first officer on the scene that he had been shot by Wortman and that the shooter was driving a police car. Yet, it was 12 hours after the 911 call from Jamie Blair before the RCMP notified the public — via Twitter — that the gunman was driving a replica police car”.


An ERT officer pulls up to the pumps in Enfield, gets out, and unloads on Wortman without any hesitation. Photo credit True Blue and Frank Magazine.

N.S. shooter was just metres away from police at Elmsdale service station – but nothing happened

“Palango believes the video illustrates RCMP knew the gunman was in Elmsdale first, then pursued him to Enfield”.


Gabriel Wortman calmly pumps fuel into one of his victim’s vehicles while a fully armed ERT officer watches. Photo credit True Blue and Frank Magazine.

How One Journalist Is Changing The Narrative Of The Nova Scotia Massacre

“If you’re going to label me a conspiracy theorist, so be it,” Paul Palango says. “Because I’m proving my story as I go along.”


Gabriel Wortman lays dead on the ground after being assassinated by the RCMP. He is dead yet he is handcuffed.

Why isn’t the Nova Scotia mass shooting a national scandal?


A memorial for Lylian Hyslop Campbell in the 13000 block of highway 4 – Wentworth

Legal expert says RCMP should replace husbands of top officers on public inquiry team


RCMP march alongside there Military partners in Halifax 2018.

New timeline shows what RCMP knew — and didn’t share — about the Nova Scotia shooting spree


Through a Glass, Frankly


The car Wortman was driving is seen here at the Enfield pumps with bullet holes in it and an Irish leprechaun in the dash.

The Nova Scotia Massacre – April 19th Areas

Darkening Clouds


“A nightmare through hell”: Victim’s brother recalls night of mass shooting


“No one who saw it on television could likely ever forget the interview by the CBC’s Brett Ruskin with Clinton Ellison conducted at the top of Portapique Beach Road, a few days after the dual massacres that left 22 Nova Scotians dead on the weekend of April 18 and 19, 2020.The teary eyed and grieving Ellison talked about how he had stumbled upon the body of his dead brother, Corrie, ran from what he thought was gunman Gabriel Wortman and hid in the woods for almost four hours cowering in fear for his life.”

Orchard Beach Drive looking south.

“Months later, Ellison went on Facebook and laid out his pain for everyone to see, apologizing abjectly to the RCMP for any suggestion that he might have said something critical about them. He believed in the police, he said, and later added that he had faith in the Mass Casualty Commission to get to the truth when it finally begins hearings sometime in the fall. Ellison does not talk to the media and has not responded to my efforts to contact him.Now, there is another twist which has sent Ellison into a tortured spin again.”

An RCMP cruiser drives south of Portapique Beach Road from Highway 2.

“It arrived in a sworn affidavit by RCMP Superintendent Darren Campbell as part of the force’s statement of defense to a class-action claim mounted by lawyers Robert Pineo and Sandra McCulloch on behalf of the families of the 22 murder victims. The RCMP were forced by a judge to produce the statement of defense, which it did on June 3.”

An overhead view of Orchard Beach Drive looking from Portapique Beach Road to the east.

“The Mounties appeared to have been ragging the puck, as it were, perhaps hoping that everyone would forget what the RCMP did and didn’t do that terrible weekend.In his affidavit, which was made public on June 15, Campbell attempts to lay out a series of scenarios which appear to show that the RCMP was much more proactive in Portapique that night than it or anyone else had indicated in the intervening 14 months.”

The gates of Bear Lodge. Corrie Ellison was killed next to the boulder on the left side.

“For example, Campbell said, first Mounties arrived in Portapique at 10:26 p.m. Two eventually made their way on foot into the community “pursuant to their Immediate Action Rapid Deployment training,” and were soon joined by a third. Campbell didn’t describe precisely where the officers went other to say that at 10:41 p.m. they discovered a burning white Ford Taurus decommissioned police car next to a burning building.”

This is the clearing that Clinton Ellison ran to and hid for hours.

“He doesn’t say whether the building was Wortman’s cottage at 200 Portapique Beach Road or his warehouse/man den at 136 Orchard Beach Drive.By 10:45 p.m., Campbell said that there were five Mounties at Portapique Beach, and seven more en route, but not there yet.In paragraphs 17 and 18 of the statement of defense, Campbell stated: “At about 10:49 p.m., the RCMP members who had formed the IARD team discovered a deceased victim on Orchard Beach Drive in Portapique. Shortly thereafter the IARD RCMP members saw someone approaching in the darkness carrying a flashlight.”

The cottage that sits just south of Bear Lodge on Orchard Beach Drive.

“When the RCMP members prepared to engage the individual, who they suspected might have been responsible for the fires and gunshots, the individual turned off the light and ran into the woods. A second deceased victim was located shortly afterward.” The first body the Mounties said they found was that of 42-year-old Corrie Ellison.’

“Corrie and Clinton had been visiting their father, Richard, who owned a property several hundred metres south of Wortman’s property at 136 Orchard Beach Drive. Corrie had gone up the road to check out the source of flames, which were emanating from the warehouse. He was taking photographs of the fire when he was shot.When Clinton went to investigate why Corrie had not come home, he found his brother’s body. He said that as he ran back toward his father’s place…”

Lisa McCully’s house at 135 Orchard Beach Drive looking north.

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