Signs of Wicca Witchcraft in a Halifax Forest – Sandy Lake

Black Mass

On a recent hike near Sandy Lake, I came across a spot that had an upside down cross and other various strange objects. I looked up some things around upside down crosses and rituals, this is what I found. A Black Mass is a ceremony typically celebrated by various satanic groups. It has allegedly existed for centuries in different forms and is directly based on a Catholic Mass. There are many Pagan faiths, as I am now discovering and one very popular and contemporay Pagan faith is Wicca.

Sandy Lake along the power lines.

Black Mass takes the Catholic Mass and inverts it, intentionally mocking the Catholic celebration. Participants often use a consecrated Eucharistic host and desecrate it, using it in obscene ways. This is one of the reasons why tabernacles in Catholic churches have locks and why some parishes have an usher stand next to a communion line. Both policies aim at protecting the Eucharist from being used in a Black Mass.

The Halifax Water Shed on Farmer’s Dairy Lane – It’s listed on maps as a stone quarry.

The property where the Satanic stuff was, is located in ‘Block 2’ in the property assessment on Viewpoint. It is a swampy marsh area at the edge of Sandy Lake behind the Dairy factory.

What was the Satanic Panic?

The rise of the Satanic Temple in Canada

“Many members, including Marc, were raised in devout Catholic households. Once they eschewed those beliefs, they found their way to Satanism. And it makes them feel whole.”

Some kind of figure attached to the utility pole 30 feet in the air. There was a dead crow on the road next to this pole, as well as many signs warning motorists not to park anywhere along this stretch of road.

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