Sandy Cole Brook – Enfield

Halifax’s secret waterfall

Sandy Cole Brook is a 50 foot waterfall (HRM’S largest) located in Oldham Nova Scotia near the Halifax Airport. The easiest way to explain how to find it is, drive to the Oldham Playground and park there. Walk into the woods where you will see a 10 foot waterfall, then continue on the main path until you hear the falls.

On Oldham Road near the airport. Park at the playground.


From Halifax, drive north on highway 102 then turn off at exit 7. Turn right and then turn right on Oldham Road just past the Irving Big Stop. Drive for 1-2 minutes and park at the Oldham Playground. You have arrived. This will help too 44°54’45.75″N, 63°30’33.91″W

Oldham Road behind the playground.

From Trailpeak

“I was looking at some old geological maps of the area around the airport when I saw some small words that made my heart skip a beat or two; waterfall 10 and waterfall 50…..I had never heard of those falls and a quick look in panoramio or google earth didn’t reveal the mystery either.”

The upstream portion of the brook.

Animal Fur

Some kind of animal had shed its fur. I didn’t stick around to find out what kind of animal.

The Marsh On The East Side Of The Brook

The area has many deep abandoned mine shafts

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