Spider Lake Nova Scotia – A tangled web of trails

Spider Lake Trail is the most fitting name for this series of tangled and intertwined paths. A very easy area to get lost in, but that’s also what makes it so unique. 

Spider Lake is of course best known as a popular mountain bike trail and one can expect to encounter mountain bikers and other hikers here. The trail is easily walkable and not too muddy.

Starting from the end of Spider Lake Road, the trail appears ordinary but quickly transitions into a shaded meadow pathway, surrounded on both sides by enchanted forests and moss-covered granite boulders. The light from the sun illuminates the path ahead.

The area also borders on the Lake Major Water Shed which is protected from motorized vehicles. It’s like a land from another time which never seems to age. 

Spider Lake Trail Info


An In-Depth Blog on Missing Person Marty Leger – September 11 2020


A memorial for Marty Leger on the Spider Lake Trail.

Hurricane Mountain Bike Trail, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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