Citadel Hill and the Maroons

Citadel Hill is a massive stone masonry-constructed fort in Halifax Nova Scotia, that was designed to repel an attack by foreign invaders from the water.

It took 28 years (during the Victorian Era) to construct the star shaped fortress which stands at the top of the city’s downtown area.

The Maroons were escaped slaves in Jamaica. They ran away from their Spanish-owned plantations when the British took the island from Spain in 1655.

In 1796 almost 600 Maroons were deported from Jamaica to Nova Scotia, after being betrayed by British colonial Governor Alexander Lindsay, 6th Earl of Balcarres, who promised fairness if they surrendered.

They worked on the third fortification at the Citadel Hill in Halifax and at Government House, by performing manual labour.

The Maroons even tried farming but like the previous occupants of the poor, rocky land at Preston, they had no success.

Eventually, the deported Maroons were unhappy with conditions in Nova Scotia, and in 1800 the majority left, having obtained passage to Africa, eight years after the Sierra Leone Company had established it as a British colony.

Citadel Hill & the Maroon Gate

Citadel Hill – A Short Film

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