Halifax’s Engineered Wetlands Park in Burnside

The Engineered Wetlands Park is one of the hardest to access in HRM, and there is little to no information published about it by the city of Halifax. The park is located at a natural gas facility on Akerley Blvd and the two statues that are the main features of the park are surrounded by a fence that is on an island in a swamp. What a strange place.

Beautiful Wetlands & Blue Statues by Burnside Industrial Park – DJI Mavic Mini

Engineered Wetlands Park

“The proposed concept for a new dedicated off-leash dog area is illustrated on Map 1. The concept plan shows two areas of the planned development: Area A is wholly within Don Bayer Park and represents a complete off-leash area proposal. Area B is a 0.59 hectare (1.45 acres) HRM owned triangular shaped property (PID 41103482) located between Don Bayer Park and Burnside Drive, and contains a 10m wide easement for a 323.9 mm gas pipeline – it is not currently classified as parkland.”

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