Prospect Area

“The tiny fishing villages along the Atlantic Ocean in the Prospect Area are the first to greet the ships coming into the Port of Halifax”.

Dr. Bill Freedman Nature Reserve (Prospect High Head)

“The Dr. Bill Freedman Nature Reserve is located at Prospect High Head, 23 kilometres southwest of Halifax. It is 10 kilometres east of iconic Peggy’s Cove”.

Go Bouldering

“The world famous Prospect area offers some of the best bouldering in Nova Scotia. Boulders, some weighing several tons are scattered all along the coast as if they were conveniently placed on top of one another”.

Prospect Village Genealogical Website

“The village of Prospect is located 22 kilometres outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia on the western shore of the Chebucto Peninsula. A strategically placed fishing out- post the community has served as an important political, economic and religious centre over the course of the last 260 years”.

The Wreck of HMS Fantome

“Just ten years ago now there was a flurry of press coverage about the British warship HMS Fantome, because a Cape Breton treasure hunting company had received a permit to explore the brig’s wreck site at Prospect, Nova Scotia”.

High Head Hiking Trail

“There are two entrance points to this four-kilometre, one-way hiking trail along the coastline in Prospect. You can park on Hages Lane and enter through the wooded Dr. Bill Freedman Nature Reserve, or for our recent hike, we parked on the other end of the trail along the Prospect Bay Road at the bottom of Indian Point Road”.

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